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We know that many of Google Wallet. This transaction is a service by Google for having more. With Google Wallet, users can pay for them in any transaction. The 011 was launched in February of this service. Google recently announced another one. Google has introduced a feature in their Gmail service to send money to the sender to the recipient from Gmail can send money easily.Google Gmail attachment as this will be for the benefit of a dollar - sign icons. With Google Wallet, you can click on it to receive money - can provide. The recipient will have a Gmail address, and thus he can easily take the money. The fee for each transaction as a decimal of 9 percent and a minimum fee of $ 30 will be zero decimal. Credit and debit card allows you to pay this fee.Google has claimed, all transactions will be stored in a secure server. Illegal activities toward a deeper understanding of the transaction will be kept. Google Wallet Security percent of the purchase. Google Wallet enough security because it triggered quite possible that Google users are expected.

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